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Our business model is hinged on collecting and processing waste with an objective of eliminating the landfill as a primary destination of the waste that we collect. The organic waste that we collect is used to produce high quality soil conditioning organic fertilizer that increases yields for farmers while the inorganic waste is sorted and sold to recycling partners. Oir Objectives are:-

  • To create job opportunities and facilitate empowerment of local communities (directly and indirectly) by triggering a multiplier effect in the economy.

  • To use waste as a cheap and sustainable resource in manufacturing of high quality fertilizer

  • To reduce green gas emissions by eliminating the landfill as a primary destination of the organic waste that we collect.

  • To use technology as a tool for our efficiency and growth in Kenya and Africa

  • To foster community and organizational partnerships that drive a green footprint and food security.

Our mission

We are actively pursuing new opportunities to provide cleaner, healthier and greener environments for customers in and around Kiambu County by providing tech-enabled reliable and affordable garbage collection services to our domestic and commercial customers in and around Kiambu County

Our vision

In tandem with providing tech-enabled, affordable and reliable garbage collection services, we envision ourselves as a global leader in the upcycling of organic waste into high quality organic fertilizer for increased food sustainability and the eradication of poverty through creation of employment opportunities.


Our Philosophy is driven by having the customer and their needs at the heart  of everything that we do. We are passionate about continuously improving ourselves and our processes with an emphasis on creativity, consistency and teamwork to achieve our objectives.


Continuous improvement

Customer Centric


Passion for what we do



We care – We care for every one of our employees, customers and partners taking time to listen to their needs and doing our absolute best to meet them.


Create – We innovate and find unique ways of solving problems that we encounter on a day-to-day basis.


We Dare- We dream big and are patient and determined enough to see these dreams through-however seemingly impossible they are- no matter what challenges we face along the way.


 Fun– We have lots of fun as we work, taking a positive approach to challenges, celebrating our victories, as well as sharing and learning from our experiences.


Ikigai– A reason for being: We are passionate about nurturing our Teams’ talents and interests and aligning these not only to our organization’s reason for existence, but personally-to every member’s too

Collaborate– instead of competing!  We appreciate that through collaboration, we are stronger,are able to deliver better quality and thus multiply our contribution to our customers, communities and partners. 


Communicate– We candidly hold discussions in order to cultivate respect, trust, and accountability amongst ourselves. We also love to connect with our teams, customers and communities creating relationships that leave great and lasting impressions.


Community : At the heart of every current and envisaged activity of ours, is the positive impact that we have on communities around us; creating opportunities and environments that empower the vulnerable groups as well as women and youth.


Experiential learning: We embrace and encourage the learning journey; through experience, we edge closer to perfection through continuous learning.

Manage Waste Effectively
and Reduce Negative Environmental Impact

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